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Six routine requirements for greenhouse design and construction
Time:2020.03.21 Source:Taizhou Nongyun Technology Co., Ltd Views:

When it comes to the design and construction of greenhouse, we should make it complete the predetermined functions under the specified conditions (normal use, normal maintenance) and within the specified time (standard design life), which can be regarded as a complete and successful greenhouse.

1. Functional and environmental requirements

The plan and section of greenhouse should be built according to the needs of function. According to the function, greenhouse can be divided into productive greenhouse, scientific research experimental greenhouse and ornamental exhibition greenhouse. The design of plan and section of greenhouse is different.

2. Reliability requirements

In the use of greenhouse, the structure will bear a variety of loads, such as wind load, snow load, crop load, equipment load, etc. In normal use, the structure should be reliable under these loads, that is to say, the structure of greenhouse should be able to bear all kinds of possible load effects, without deformation and damage affecting the use.

The enclosure structure of greenhouse (including side wall and roof) will bear the effects of wind, snow, rainstorm, hail and normal impact in the production process. Glass, plastic film, PC board and other enclosure materials shall not be damaged under the above loads, and the design stress shall not exceed the allowable stress of the material (tensile, bending, shear, compression, etc.). At the same time, the connection between the material and the main structure should also be reliable, which should ensure that these loads can be transmitted to the main structure through the connection.

The main structure of the greenhouse should provide reliable support for the enclosure components. In addition to the above loads, the main structure will also bear the loads caused by the self weight of the enclosure components and the main components themselves, the weight of fixed equipment, crop lifting, maintenance personnel, temporary equipment, etc.

3. Durability requirements

Under the condition of normal use and maintenance, the main structure, enclosure structure, enclosure components and various equipment of greenhouse should have specified durability. Generally, the main structural members and connecting parts of the greenhouse are made in the factory and treated with hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion treatment. The field installation adopts bolt connection to avoid welding. In this way, the damage of galvanized layer caused by overheating of components during welding can be avoided, and the anticorrosive effect of galvanized layer can be ensured. The anti-corrosion treatment of the main structure and connecting parts of the greenhouse should guarantee the durability for 18-20 years.

4. Internal space requirements

The greenhouse is a place for plant growth and production management activities. In addition to plant cultivation space, it is also required to provide enough space for the placement and normal operation of all kinds of production equipment, and at the same time, appropriate space should be reserved for the operation manager.

5. Building energy saving requirements

The architectural design and construction of greenhouse, that is, the construction of greenhouse foundation, wall, roof, side window, skylight, gutter and other parts, as well as the connection mode between each part, should meet the requirements of energy conservation in addition to their respective use functions.

6. Standardization and assembly requirements

With the development of modern greenhouse, the form of greenhouse is becoming more and more diversified. Different forms of greenhouse have great differences in size and shape. At the same time, the greenhouse design and manufacturing of greenhouse enterprises in our country are different from each other, and the components are not universal, so they can not share resources, and the production efficiency is low. Only by realizing the standardization of greenhouse, can the production and installation of greenhouse be simplified, the construction date be shortened, the production and maintenance cost be reduced, and the production efficiency be improved.

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