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What is a crimper connector
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The actual characteristics of greenhouse roll film determine the general characteristics of electric roll:

1. The rated output torque is generally no more than 200N? M, and the motor power is generally no more than 200W;

2. The motor shall have good speed regulation performance, stable output torque and short-time overload resistance.

The performance of DC motor meets the requirement of rolling film. At present, most of the coils on the market use 24VDC motor, which is generally called 24VDC coil (hereinafter referred to as DC coil). The DC coil (including climber) shown in Figure 3 is one of them.

Installation and self inspection instructions of electric membrane winder:

Distance between power supply and membrane winder: the closer the power supply is to the membrane winder, the better. Because the coil is DC 24V, the connection sleeve of the electric membrane winder is too long, which is easy to cause voltage drop. (that is to say, the power supply side is 24V output, and there are only a dozen volts left at the membrane winder side). This will cause the membrane winder to run too slowly or stop driving. The connection sleeve manufacturer of the electric membrane winder usually has a power distance of more than The 50 meter voltage drop is obvious. The solution is: first, thicken the cable; second, shorten the distance;

Installation direction: the motor head of the electric film coiler can not be downward, so that the condensed water will soak the motor for a long time, and the condensed water can not be discharged. There are drainage outlets on both sides of the lower part of the electric film coiler produced by our company, and the upward installation of the motor is conducive to drainage.

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