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Installation knowledge of new type side membrane winder and manual membrane winder
Time:2020.03.21 Source:Taizhou Nongyun Technology Co., Ltd Views:

Generally speaking, the materials required for the installation of the film reeler in the manual shed include the fixing rod, the film reeling rod, the film reeler, the film reeling card, etc. For all kinds of greenhouses, such as vegetable greenhouses and plant greenhouses, manual greenhouses roll film machine is an indispensable accessory.

How much do we know about the specific installation process of the manual greenhouse film curler? I don't know, it doesn't matter. Let's take a look at the installation steps arranged by Xiaobian for you!

1 lock the boom on the main engine coupling with high-strength bolts.

2. Arrange the film reels of the manual shed from the coupling of the main machine to the two ends at one time, connect the pipe shaft and pipe sleeve with bolts in a sleeve type, and then lay the film on the shed as required.

3 place the reel on the film surface, keep the reel straight and avoid bending.

4. Connect the electrical part of the membrane winder and select the switch position.

5 when fixing the ground anchor, the installation location of the ground anchor shall be selected according to the height and span of the shed.

6 connect the main pole and the ground anchor hinge firmly, and connect the main pole and the auxiliary pole well.

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