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On the present situation and development of membrane coiler
Time:2020.03.21 Source:Taizhou Nongyun Technology Co., Ltd Views:

Due to the increasingly fierce market, the competition of electric film reels has also entered the white heat. How to adapt to this market without being eliminated? Some manufacturers have chosen to work hard from the quality -- to reduce the product quality to adapt to the development of the market, which is the current situation of the film reels market.

In this case, how can the roll film machine develop healthily? Our factory has put forward different opinions from other manufacturers. Because people use the method of reducing cost to adapt to the changes of market, the quality of roll film machine will be more and more inferior. At last, it will hurt the common people, and the businessmen will lose this market. Because people are not buying such roll film machine, Taizhou Nongyun technology has The company believes that quality is the key to development. At the same time, our factory also organizes personnel to develop a new type of membrane coiler to adapt to the changing market and dedicate the best membrane coiler to everyone.

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