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Why can't film curler be used to roll quilt
Time:2020.03.21 Source:Taizhou Nongyun Technology Co., Ltd Views:

The film curler in the shed is really easy to use, which brings us convenience. But the film rolling machine is not omnipotent, for example, many customers call to ask for the quilt rolling, which is not allowed. Here is the difference between the film rolling machine and the quilt rolling machine.

First of all, the working width of the quilt machine is important within the load range. It can reach 20-30 meters without any problem, but the film wrapper can't. the film wrapper has a built-in travel limit, and the working range will not exceed 4 meters. If it exceeds 4 meters, it will automatically stop working, because this is designed for the vent door.

Then there is the difference of the load capacity. The load capacity of the general quilt machine is between 2 tons and 10 tons, while the load capacity of the film curler is only 500 kg, which is the biggest difference between the electric film curler and the quilt machine.

If it is some experimental shed, roll some felt, and the weight is not more than 500kg, it can be considered to remove the built-in travel switch to roll the felt. The length of the shed can not be too long.

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